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Trade Expert Polishing Services

 Accredited trade expert wet-sanding and multi-stage polishing services dedicated to the vintage and classic car enthusiast.

A lifelong passion for the shine.

Since the first year of my painter apprenticeship at Fuhrman Autobody in Toronto during the winter of 1976, I knew that superfinish wet-sand polishing was going to be my passion. The decade to follow was as exiting as it could get for a car fanatic like myself, as almost every car that was assigned to me required intensive wet-sanding and polishing to 3 or more coats of clear. Hand wet-sanding (blocking) each clear-coat application until the panels looked like a thick sheet of glass that captured the crazy candy paintwork and magnificent murals of the '70s era. Things have changed somewhat since then. If I am presented with a car that was manufactured after 1990, the clear-coat depth is not much thicker than a piece of paper. "But that certainly has been a key element to my career history, as it has made my years of experience that much more relevant when providing my customers the finest automotive polishing service in the industry".

1964 Porsche 912 Vintage.jpg
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